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Eisenhower therefore resisted British calls to get to Berlin before the Russians: he saw no need to suffer the heavy casualties anticipated or to antagonise Stalin. Anyway, he reasoned, it had been agreed that the German capital would be in the Soviet sphere of influence. The US Commander in Chief decided to stick to his own plan of a general advance across the Rhine and the surrounding of the Ruhr. With the approval of Washington, but to the dismay of London, he directed the main American thrust eastwards towards Saxony - where US and Red Army soldiers shook hands on the Elbe at Torgau 25 April - and south to take what he wrongly believed would be the final Nazi redoubt in the Bavarian and Austrian Alps.

With little confidence that British forces could reach Berlin before the Russians, as a concession to the British Eisenhower ordered them to push on to the Danish border and advance along the north German coast. Sir Winston Churchill.

World War 2 Timeline – 1945

Churchill was anxious about Soviet intentions in post-war Central and Eastern Europe, and wanted British forces to accelerate their advance to get as far East as possible. This would give them a strong bargaining position in the post-war settlement. However, at Malta the British had to abandon a proposal for a single thrust by the Western Allies into Germany led by Montgomery and his 21st Army Group. US strategy, manpower and munitions were dominant and Montgomery did little to engender the confidence and warmth of his American counterparts.

However dismayed Churchill and Montgomery might have been by the decision not to drive on to Berlin, they had neither the resources nor the influence to press the case against it. If US policy had been to get there first, Western Allied forces might have given the Red Army a run for their money, but in this final stage of the European conflict American attention was fixed firmly on the Far Eastern war. For the Soviet Union, reaching Berlin first was both a symbolic act and a practical pre-emptive strike.

Stalin was determined that it must be Red Army soldiers who overcame the ferocious last stand of Nazi Germany and planted their Victory Banner in the burning ruins of the Reichstag. But in late April and early May , most people just wanted the war in Europe to be over. Comment by starla posted on on 19 April Skip to main content. Soviet Flag being raised over the Reichstag - this shot, similar to that taken by Khaldei, was captured by Grebnev.

Credit: Topfoto However, the iconic shot, taken by the famous Soviet war photographer Yevgeny Khaldei and published on 13 May in the Ogonyk magazine, was a stage-managed re-enactment. Okay, perhaps not. Flanagan commenced with an Abbott-bash.

Wrote Flanagan:. More than Australians died on the Burma Railway basically because, having surrendered, they were seen by the Imperial Japanese Army as being without honour. Flanagan just made this up. The Japanese Navy had nothing whatsoever to do with the construction of the Thai-Burma railway.

Flanagan had only one source for this comment — an article published in The Independent by Helen Thomas, whose poet husband Edward Thomas died on active service during the Great War. Flanagan concluded his column:. How fatuous can you get? Imperial Germany was a world power in and had possessions in the Pacific. According to Martin Flanagan, Germany should have been allowed to overrun neutral Belgium and occupy France in — and Germany should have been allowed to dominate the sea-lanes around Australia. Britain went to war not because… it was prepared to accept German domination of Europe, but because it was so ill-prepared to resist that domination, it found that it could be resisted only by war.

Indeed the threat of German domination could only be ended by two world wars. This ended the final German bid for power in Europe. It also ended the era of European supremacy in world affairs. We are still living with the consequences. Perhaps your man Burchill is buying his university gear at a higher-end op shop — Ed].

And of course last week it was the metadata issue and the requirement or the expectation from AFP and ASIO for more powers in this area. Creating a direct link between these people going to these countries to fight and coming back and somehow creating — what? Some insurgency here? Or targeting people here?

Or somehow they get brainwashed or indoctrinated there and turn up back in Sydney doing what? Dr Burchill seems unaware that Australian Islamists fought in Afghanistan and returned to Australia intent on terrorism. Yet he is a senior lecturer no less in International Relations at Deakin University.

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Due to unprecedented demand, the Maurice Newman Segment gets another run this week. See MWD passim. To protect against home-grown terrorism and other criminal threats, the government wants telecommunications companies to retain details of your phone and internet use for two years.

Join the conversation and share your voice.

So should we trade off privacy for security or is this surveillance by the state a threat to civil liberties? Two commentators were invited to present their views — Suelette Dreyfus Research Fellow Department of Computing and Information Systems, University of Melbourne and Stilgherrian technology writer and broadcaster. Wow — obviously a person of interest to Radio National. Stilgherrian argued that internet data was much more invasive than Tony Abbott was conceding and that the requirement of national security has gone well beyond what they were at the time of the Cold War.

I Went to Japan for the First Time - Tokyo Travel Vlog (Pt.1)

Suelette Dreyfus agreed and commented that meta data collection swings the balance in the civil liberties debate too far in favour of national security. Stilgherrian agreed, in turn. This overwhelmingly popular segment of Media Watch Dog usually works like this.

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  • And Hendo, being a courteous and well-brought up kind of guy, replies. Then, hey presto, the correspondence is published in MWD — much to the delight of its hundreds of thousands of readers. Publication in MWD invariably follows. So here we go again. Write to MWD it seems, in a pedantic kind of way. The signature line in my email is standard. My understanding is that for most communications it is polite to identify oneself and my email system is set up so as to include my name and post-nominals. If you thought it was there as a reminder to you, you are not correct.

    Torgau Project

    I do not recall seeing anyone at the Byron Bay Writers Festival even remotely fitting that description. I did not even see anyone wearing sandals, so far as I recall. The average age of people attending was around 50 or so; most would not have looked out of place at a supermarket in Woollahra or South Yarra. In short, it was a pretty standard middle class, middle aged audience. Incidentally, I do not believe live tweeting is regarded as a mark of approval. I do not know if I agree with everything he says, because I do not read or hear everything he says.

    see url


    I was curious to know on what basis you came to that view of my opinion about Australia being a republic. Or was it an example of your apparent fascination about my having QC after my name? My reference to the Sandalistas at the Byron Bay Writers Festival was an ironic reference to the middle class left. I could not find one conservative among those performing at this taxpayer subsidised event.

    Let us introduce you to : -Famine - Razzin' 12" : First Full length of this crazy trio, between grindcore and Here they are, we're super happy to welcome both vinyls, classic black and splattered editions are here. It sounds amazing and they're available on lixiviat records and during Warfuck shows you should meet them somewhere during their huge We have just received some LPs from Youth Avoiders Ultra fast hardcore punk from Paris , so glad to have these two killer albums!

    The new one is sick! As contrived and absurd as it seemed, we all knew that this day would eventually come. Refrigerate the Holstens, draw for the baggie, bust out the mustard, and This is it! The french power duo grindcore band, touring like maniacs around the world since , take dishes out unrelenting, hi-speed All Nasum's albums available from the reissues made by Relapse Records.

    We are pleased to present you with our new record label!

    toragau blog (Japanese Edition) Toragau blog (Japanese Edition)
    toragau blog (Japanese Edition) Toragau blog (Japanese Edition)
    toragau blog (Japanese Edition) Toragau blog (Japanese Edition)
    toragau blog (Japanese Edition) Toragau blog (Japanese Edition)
    toragau blog (Japanese Edition) Toragau blog (Japanese Edition)

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