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Supreme Court Civil Rules

And Defer the Tax, Too? Liquidate U. Taxes First. Will the New 3. The New 3. Twelve Days of Christmas Tax Readings. A New Reason Why S. Crow Collateral Corp. Let's Learn It and Use It. Sure, and I Equals I CPI Rises to 3. Or Convert It to Capital Gain? Did You Hear about the 3. With Other Tax-Deferral Methods? What Is the Real Cost? Here's How. Is It a Wholesome Activity? How Can This Be? Buying a Property?

Sprint Planning (Part 2) Tactical

Are We There Yet? About Loopholes vs. About Black Swans, and Surprises. How Excited Is the Proponent? The Role of a Stated Economics Rationale. Dealburt Retires. Postpone the Tax on the Previous Investment.

The District

It was the high interest rates, though, that did the most to bring institutional lending for the buying and selling of real estate and other capital assets nearly to a halt—and Congress heard from the people about it. So, to encourage sellers to be willing to carry the paper so that someone could afford to buy, Congress added provisions which allow sellers to sell on installment contracts but receive borrowed money in hand at the same time, without losing the tax deferral that typically accompanies an installment sale. Under these new provisions, sellers could defer the tax on the sale but have liquidity at the same time.

Two Planners Concept: How to Effectively Utilize & Efficiently Organize Both Planners

The rules which Congress put into place allow sellers of agricultural properties and homes to sell on installment contracts and at the same time borrow money, with the loan being secured by the installment contract. In the case of installment sales of business or investment property, Congress said that the installment seller could enjoy tax deferral and still borrow I am a persuaded advocate of Monetized Installment Sales M transactions, and I believe that the legal and factual reasons and precedents in support of them are far, far stronger than whatever arguments one could make against them.

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How can a seller intelligently financially calculate whether the risk is worth taking? Calculating the Probability-weighted year Benefit. Estimate the probability, expressed as a percentage, that the M will continue as planned for 30 years. Project the amount of after-tax return over that year period, on the net proceeds of the monetization loan.

The Real Costs of Procrastination: Installment #2

Multiply 1 by 2. Add the net proceeds of the monetization loan, because the seller will retain this amount. Subtract the net sale proceeds, because the seller will not receive this amount.

The Latest Installment

The seller will receive this amount at the end of 30 years, but then the money will go to repay the monetization loan. Subtract the estimated eventual tax cost on the sale, and the resulting figure is the projected benefit if the M is undertaken and proceeds as planned. Estimate the probability, expressed as a percentage, that the seller will undergo a tax audit and that the M transaction will be challenged in that audit. Various recruitment and selection methods including use of Psychometric, Assessment Centre, Internet-based, etc. Understanding resourcing approaches for mix of entry level and lateral hiring choices.

Competency Based Management: Concept of Competency. Developing a Model. Performance management and development process Planning, monitoring, reviewing, mentoring and manage development. Operationalising change through performance. Designing Performance Management Systems : Challenges and obstacles to performance management, building performance oriented culture, designing, implementing a performance management strategy; factors influencing the use of performance management External and Internal. Approaches to Performance Measures: performance appraisal methods, Measures of performance by behaviour, by result and by process.

Developments in performance management systems: Team based performance, Multi -Source and degree feedback, competency based appraisals, balanced scorecard — concept and application, Performance Management Initiatives: Cases on Performance Management.

HRM Learning and Development. Psychology of learning and learner motivation, contemporary principles, styles and strategies of learning and learning process and its application for training. Meaning of decent work and its need at the present juncture; Four pillars of decent work: employment, rights at work, social protection and social dialogue, Safety at work: factory and office, Economics of safety, Legal protection and its effectiveness, Occupational safety and health; Waste generation and impact on environment; Problems of e waste ; Importance of wellness and health; Industrial disasters.

Deining the concept OD, historical perspectives of OD, OD Values, External environment and OD; Systems framework and Organisations; Theoretical developments in the area of action research, Survey feedback and socio-technical systems; Appreciative Inquiry; Organisational diagnosis; Human processual, techno structural, human resource and strategic interventions; Technological uncertainty and interdependence and OD interventions; Models of change , change management; Changing ontology of leadership, Leadership and Change.

ODand Organisational Capability. HRM Employee Counselling.


Meaning of counselling. Need for counselling in the work place. Goals of counselling, immediate, long term. Types of counselling: crisis counselling, facilitative counselling, preventive counselling and development counselling. Theoretical consideration. Methods of counselling — directive, non-directive.

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Counselling process problem identiication, strategies and skills. Counsellor-counsellee relationship. Content of counselling preparation, intake, procedure, rapport, termination of interview. Counselling environment. Speciics of counselling — observation, listening, non-verbal behaviour, communication, questioning, silence, transference. Speciiccounsellingproblems, jobrelatedandpersonal, individual, family.

Treatmentoftheseproblemsthrough counselling. Follow-up, post-appraisal counselling. Counselling for retirement. Case studies. What is Strategy?

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    The Planners -- Installment 2 The Planners -- Installment 2
    The Planners -- Installment 2 The Planners -- Installment 2
    The Planners -- Installment 2 The Planners -- Installment 2
    The Planners -- Installment 2 The Planners -- Installment 2
    The Planners -- Installment 2 The Planners -- Installment 2
    The Planners -- Installment 2 The Planners -- Installment 2
    The Planners -- Installment 2 The Planners -- Installment 2
    The Planners -- Installment 2 The Planners -- Installment 2

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