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Support Snopes. Submit a Topic. Shop Snopes. What's New. Hot Fact Checks. About Us. Support Us. You rely on Snopes, and we rely on you. Rock Crystal increases tolerance and helps you to understand other people better, helping you to understand why one or another person is the way he is. Rock Crystal teaches the person to think spiritually, helping to increase the understanding that every person today on a different path have different backgrounds and learned lessons.

We are all different and therefore one or another person is behind us in development. Wear Rock Crystal with you in one way or another, when you are visiting different spiritual locations. Rock Crystal helps you to acquire all you went to look from there, let it be peace, balance, increasing your efficiency, increasing the energy of love or strengthening protection.

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  • ROCK CRYSTAL pyramid.

Rock Crystal frees the negative energies in every person, which means it does a lot of work for losing the stress energy. Rock Crystal is the improver of mood and spirit. Crystal that can release the unnecessary stress, thoughts and feelings. Rock Crystal helps to retain what is real, what is useful and what is real. Rock Crystal is the liberator of false information and this is what could make moods very negative most of the time.

Keep Rock Crystal with you daily, when you feel like you want something that would help you to simply feel good. It is useful to keep Rock Crystal on or with different electronic devices or, in addition, to keep it in the car. Rock Crystal knowingly helps to lower energy consumption in devices it is attached to or close to. I recommend taking Rock Crystal into the car to lower its fuel consumption. Rock Crystal has the ability to reject electromagnetic radiation, that is to protect from it.

The more Rock Crystal there is near you or in your home environment the less electromagnetic radiation affects you. It is the invisible pathogen today, that creates nerve problems, mental illnesses, tiredness, stress and negative thoughts and mood.

The crystal pyramid is one of the figures in sacred geometry:

It is beneficial to wear Rock Crystal or to keep it in your home or even at work, where there are a lot of electronics. Rock Crystal is one of the best crystals to be used for energetic cleansing and filtrating energies. It has the ability to release all of the negative energy no matter where it exists.

Where you place the Rock Crystal is where it will cleanse the energies. When you bring Rock Crystal into your home, then it will clean your home, will help the negative energies to start moving and when Rock Crystal is in a home, then it is very important that you from time to time burn different incenses and candles. All of this for the negative energy released by the Rock Crystal could exit the house fully.

Incenses and candles will contribute to that process and will finish that process properly. There is no wrong place for a Rock Crystal in the home environment. No matter where you place the Rock Crystal, it will be good for your well-being. But there are places the Rock Crystal should be. I recommend to keep Rock Crystal in one or another form near the front door of the house, so that it could filtrate the entering energy.

It is very useful to keep Rock Crystal in every different room so that the energy channel energies in every room and quarter could orderly work, In addition it is particularly beneficial to keep Rock Crystal in the room that is walked through the most, where a lot of stress energy is usually gathered. By keeping Rock Crystal in there you will give your home the possibility to be stress free. Exactly the other way around it would be good to keep Rock Crystal in a room in the house that no-one really uses and where energies have been standing still.

By keeping Rock Crystal there you help that room and quarter energy channel to move actively. Anyhow, it is very useful to have a piece of Rock Crystal and the more there is, the healthier is your home.

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Rock Crystals with a different shape work slightly differently, therefore it is very useful to have a lot of different Rock Crystals. One will send healings out of them, others block energies getting stuck, the shape is extremely important. Be sure to read about them to understand what does what, I have written it all down for you. Rock Crystal balances everything and everyone that is out of balance. Rock Crystal is one of the best balancers! When you combine crystals, then certain abilities will open in them, that they have in common. Rock Crystal has a universal effect when you join it with another crystal.

Rock Crystal absorbs energies which means that this crystal can very easily submit to programming. Programming means that crystals are given a certain goal for existing and it will start to work for one certain goal. By holding Rock Crystal in your hand and making a wish, it will start to work on your wish immediately.

It is useful to use Rock Crystal as the crystal for fulfilling dreams. Rock Crystal is one of the most needed crystals in your home, that is indispensable for keeping the Feng Shui energies balanced. Rock Crystal only benefits your home. The more you have them in your home, the healthier is your homes energy field.

The existence of the Rock Crystal helps all the other positive energies, the healings, crystal altars and rituals you created to work. The Rock Crystals power is especially powerful between the first quarter of the Moon and the Full Moon, that is during the waning Moon. The power of Rock Crystal is particularly powerful during the phase of the waning Moon. The energy inside the crystal will grow strongly. By knowing this it is always useful to use all your Rock Crystal jewellery or power objects exactly during that time.

The crystals energies will amplify double just at that point. The connection with the Rock Crystal will happen in a time when you need a major clean up in your life, you need to recover from something and step into a new path. Rock Crystal is a very powerful cleaner, charger and amplifier of energies.

Dieter Schrade Crystal Pyramid

Getting into a contact with the Rock Crystal is a sign that you need to make corrections in your life before you turn a new page in your life. When the Rock Crystal has charmed you, then be sure to bring it into your life in different forms and use them. Wear and use Rock Crystal daily for as long as you feel like the need for this crystal has started to fade. Rock Crystal has something quite big to give to you and to change something big in your life or soul, when your intuition directs your towards this. Rock Crystal gives a person the strength to come out of the health problems, giving restoring energy to the body.

Rock Crystal is a perfect and universal healer that supports the general well-being. When the child has an illness, even when it is hidden, with a cause unknown, then Rock Crystal is the perfect healing crystal in a situation like this. Rock Crystal manages to uproot the pathogen entered in the deepest energy level and to release it gradually.

It is suitable for children because their illnesses are usually hard to miss. But of course, Rock Crystal goes for everyone for healing.

The Crystal Pyramid The Crystal Pyramid
The Crystal Pyramid The Crystal Pyramid
The Crystal Pyramid The Crystal Pyramid
The Crystal Pyramid The Crystal Pyramid
The Crystal Pyramid The Crystal Pyramid
The Crystal Pyramid The Crystal Pyramid
The Crystal Pyramid The Crystal Pyramid
The Crystal Pyramid The Crystal Pyramid

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