The Colorful People

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Would you paint your bedroom yellow? Would you wear a bright green outfit to work? Most will say no, but if the above statement were true, then why not?

Interview: Walk Through a Colorful Installation Made of 140,000 Japanese Symbols

The issue is we all perceive colors quite differently and trying to figure out general rules is very hard. There are warm shades and cold shades to each color, and you may feel differently about each version. You may dislike the color brown, but when it comes to shoes and handbags, the color brown would be your color of choice. A lot of people love the color black. They find it classy, fashionable, even sexy. It can also make you look slimmer. On the other hand, some may have a bias against this color: They associate it with mourning and sadness.

What you think is cool and fashionable is perceived as depressing by these people.

Very little research has been done, and most information you find on this subject has only anecdotal evidence if any. Once again, take this with a grain of salt.

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Any information on personality colors provided on this site is for entertainment purposes only and is not backed by any serious research unless otherwise noted. We will do our best to gather the best available information on each color. We will also include known facts such as symbolic meanings of colors which can and do affect your perception of colors.

According to proponents of color psychology, your favorite color or colors define your personality color.

According to them, the colors you choose say a lot about your physical, mental, and emotional states. They do not recommend to avoid any particular color altogether, but incorporating a little bit of everything is preferable. Often you will find a tendency to choose specific colors, which suggests that these are your personality colors.

Moreover, a change of color preference is thought to be triggered by changing life circumstances. According to this theory, your new color preference may help you develop new qualities necessary to deal with your new circumstances. Practice your dreams and ideas and create multiple cash flows.

Psychology of Color

We have several products in the field of water. Water in the Western World is often seen as common but in essence it is essential for life.

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Your staff, their knowhow, their motivation and commitment in the end of the day makes your company and by that your product and service. If you don't have the manpower and time for product development in your company, we can support you in this challenging process, contact us for a tailor made offer. Some years ago someone asked me "What do you want to do? Luckily he didn't ask me how, but asked me "think about how you want to do this". And where it will lead me to? Always with a colorful view and approach! An interesting, exciting journey that wasn't always easy I have to admit.

How to identify them, and what to expect from them.

How to deal with uncertainty was not the strongest part in my character. However I am grateful for the many colorful people I have met on the road and what we have achieved. Welcome Why colorful?

Get Lucky - Daft Punk (cover by Y.O.U.R.A.I )

What do we offer? How do we act? Post Location Contact. About us. From a greater distance you create a better view.

The Colorful People The Colorful People
The Colorful People The Colorful People
The Colorful People The Colorful People
The Colorful People The Colorful People
The Colorful People The Colorful People

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