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Thank you for your feedback. Siren Greek mythology. See Article History.

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Start your free trial today for unlimited access to Britannica. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. He then encounters the Siren s, Scylla and Charybdis, and the Cattle of the Sun, which his companions, despite warnings, plunder for food. He alone survives the ensuing storm and reaches the idyllic island of the nymph Calypso.

Greek mythology , body of stories concerning the gods, heroes, and rituals of the ancient Greeks.

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That the myths contained a considerable element of fiction was recognized by the more critical Greeks, such as the philosopher Plato in the 5th—4th century bce. In general, however, in the popular piety of the…. Homer , presumed author of the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Although these two great epic poems of ancient Greece have always been attributed to the shadowy figure of Homer, little is known of him beyond…. History at your fingertips. Sign up here to see what happened On This Day , every day in your inbox! By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. More About. But, although tempting, in an editorial piece for a special upcoming Journal of Portfolio Management issue focused on quantitative investing — written at the kind request of long-time editor, Frank Fabozzi — I argue that this tempting siren song should be resisted, even if I know some will be disappointed with this view.

My suggestion to investors is to instead focus on identifying factors that they believe in over the very long haul, and aggressively diversify across them.

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Of course I agree the possibility exists that any factor could, in principle, become too crowded one day. Again, I believe this is a timely topic and hopefully my thoughts and ideas add to the ongoing dialogue on it.

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This document has been provided to you solely for information purposes and does not constitute an offer or solicitation of an offer or any advice or recommendation to purchase any securities or other financial instruments and may not be construed as such. The investment strategy and themes discussed herein may be unsuitable for investors depending on their specific investment objectives and financial situation. Diversification does not eliminate the risk of experiencing investment losses.

Siren Song Siren Song
Siren Song Siren Song
Siren Song Siren Song
Siren Song Siren Song
Siren Song Siren Song
Siren Song Siren Song
Siren Song Siren Song
Siren Song Siren Song

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