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Search Search the Bible. Next Weeks Readings. Mon, Dec. Bible Resources. Never Miss any Updates! Newsletters Sign Up Stay up to date with the latest news, information, and special offers. In both, the first series deals with the earth cf. It is best, therefore, to see the bowls as different from the trumpets judgments. Remember they are called plagues and have much the same result on the world as the plagues of Egypt had on Pharaoh. These plagues will show: a The total rebellion and independence of the creature to his Creator.

Who Are the Two Witnesses (Revelation 11:3)?

Because of the callousness and hardening built up in the hearts of men, these judgments will result in anger and blasphemy from the heart and mouths of men rather than fear and reverence and trust. They are hardening plagues which God uses to His own glory cf. The completion of this will be accomplished by the return of Christ with His armies Ezek. Verse 1: The seven angels are now commanded to pour out their bowl of judgment upon the earth. John heard what is described as a loud or great voice, probably the voice of God, coming out of the temple.

Our English translations somewhat obscure an important emphasis of this chapter because of the various ways they have translated the Greek word megas. This emphasizes the intensity or unprecedented nature of what will begin to take place on earth at this point in the Tribulation. Megas is used eleven times in this chapter in connection with its events: a great voice vss. This stresses the effect, degree, and intensity.

From Revelation it is quite apparent that only a small fraction of the world will resist the beast, refuse to take his image, and believe in Jesus Christ. But those who do are now the only ones who escape this judgment and the judgments which follow.

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The warning of against worshipping the beast and which anticipates his ultimate doom and that of his system is here confirmed in this preliminary judgment. Note that the beast is unable to help or heal the sore.

Revelation 11

This is the word used in the Greek Septuagint to translate the Hebrew word for boils inflicted on the Egyptians in Exodus The Greek text here is very graphic. Every living thing sea creature in the sea will die. Some would try to limit this to the Mediterranean Sea. However, these judgments are global and the same word qalassa would be used whether it was one sea or all the water masses.

Here the judgment is universal.

This is global catastrophe. Under the second trumpet one-third was affected, but now, in keeping with the nature of this judgment, the rest of the sea and marine life is struck. It will wreck fishing and it is bound to affect ocean navigation, transportation and shipping. This judgment, as with the third trumpet, involves the fresh water supply. Again, there is no limit; it is global with great devastating effects. Though the results are not mentioned, they can be imagined. There will be no pure water except perhaps what will already be stored; none in the rivers and lakes.

As the one in charge of this area he makes an important statement vindicating the holiness of God and setting forth the reason in this judgment vss.

These apostate and rebellious people have slain and shed the blood of believers, thus, just as the saints receive rest and reward for their faith, so these will receive punishment fitting the nature of their crimes. They have only blood to drink. They have been blood thirsty—now they get their fill. This gives us another indication that during the Tribulation the shedding of the blood of believers will be without parallel in history. As the Eternal One, one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day.

So again we see an important emphasis: Throughout history Satan has maligned the character of God who sentenced Satan and his angels to the lake of fire Matt.

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This has been displayed in the rebellious hearts of men of all ages who persistently operate under the delusions of Satan. But the Tribulation will show God is a God of holiness who is acting justly in His judgment against sin. Like the fourth trumpet, the heavens are again affected, especially the sun.

In the fourth trumpet one-third of the sun, moon, and stars are affected diminishing their light by one-third night and day.

Revelation 11 Commentary - Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible (Complete)

The earth will have been living under these conditions all these months between these judgments as a constant appeal to men to repent. Now, by contrast, only the sun is affected and its condition is here reversed. Rather than being diminished it is now increased in its intensity. Whether this is caused by the earth and sun moving closer together or simply that God increases the heat of the sun we do not know.

Some scientists claim we are not experiencing global warming while others maintain the earth is cooling off. Both are in for a surprise 1 Cor. There will be no escape from this judgment for unbelievers. Some relief will come at night, but even then the heat will be unbearable. Evidently, believers will somehow be protected from this.

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  5. They will have reached the point of no return. This was clear when they took the mark of the beast. This hardening of the soul or heart poses a warning for all of us. Anyone who becomes negative toward the Lord, grows indifferent to His Word, and ignores the convicting ministry of the Holy Spirit, can begin to harden his heart and become more and more callused cf. This is a sure indication that the heart has become somewhat hardened cf.

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    Note particularly verse As with the fifth trumpet, this bowl judgment results in darkness, as also in the ninth plague of Egypt Ex. Second, the beast refers to a person as well as to a political system, therefore, his throne is a definite place. Remember, he will be seen as the solution to the world, the answer to mankind, the hope of the world.

    Due to world conditions on every front and in every area of the globe, things will look hopeless. People will be in despair or certainly very fearful prior to the Tribulation. For the varied problems of the world, man will have turned to a variety of sources looking for hope. These will come in many forms and sizes. There will be the false prophets of modern science, scholarship and research, false religions, the occult, the cults, false prophets like Mr. Moon, the new world views, social ideologies and finally, the world will look for answers in some new and great world leader whether political, religious, or both.

    Revelation 11 (Daily Bible Study – Revelation) Revelation 11 (Daily Bible Study – Revelation)
    Revelation 11 (Daily Bible Study – Revelation) Revelation 11 (Daily Bible Study – Revelation)
    Revelation 11 (Daily Bible Study – Revelation) Revelation 11 (Daily Bible Study – Revelation)
    Revelation 11 (Daily Bible Study – Revelation) Revelation 11 (Daily Bible Study – Revelation)
    Revelation 11 (Daily Bible Study – Revelation) Revelation 11 (Daily Bible Study – Revelation)
    Revelation 11 (Daily Bible Study – Revelation) Revelation 11 (Daily Bible Study – Revelation)
    Revelation 11 (Daily Bible Study – Revelation) Revelation 11 (Daily Bible Study – Revelation)
    Revelation 11 (Daily Bible Study – Revelation) Revelation 11 (Daily Bible Study – Revelation)

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