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Personal Business. Select ONE to proceed. Mobile Postpaid. Wireless Broadband unifi Air. Frequently Asked Questions. Fibre Broadband. Broadband unifi Lite. Thanks David! Thats an amazing idea and I would love to try that out. Thanks for checking out the game I'm glad you enjoyed it. Wow Joel this was so lovely!!

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I think having the movement so restricted ie. And then so freeing when you finally gain the ability later! The level design following each new major acquisition was great too, allowing the player to explore and appreciate their new capabilities and restrictions. I loved the silly upgrades too - the elevator music, fairy that just says "hey, listen". Claiming something fails because you personally didn't like it is silly and not helpful feedback. Great work, Joel! FC you really do put the Friendly in friendly cosmonaut.

Thanks so much for checking out my game, it genuinely means a lot because I probably wouldn't be anywhere in gamedev without folks like yourself providing tutorials and insight on game development. It is unfortunate that criticism can come off a little negative from some users, but it's commenters like yourself that make making games a real thrill.

Thanks again and I'm glad you enjoyed playing my game. Haha this was really sweet. The beginning part was a bit unforgiving and I would have liked to see what all the other upgrades were. But the art is very pretty and the jokes were pretty cheesy in a good way :v I'm gonna need a copy of that chip-tune Girl From Ipanema song though!

Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it - and totally I struggled a bunch with the earlier parts when I was play testing the game - I think its because we become quite dependant on traditional platform controls like adjusting ourselves mid air to fix a jump. Without it, it's like you have to really think about your next move. Don't like it. The attempted comedy falls flat, the game, while short, still overstays it's welcome because there isn't really anything to do.


The platform challenges are uninspired and sometimes buggy ducking on the treadmill works until just at the end, where you can just randomly die. The pixelart is definitely the best thing about the game. It's charming and clear. Shame that kind of care seemed to, aside from the art style, go into the completely wrong things instead of making a more engaging and enjoyable experience.

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  • That's unfortunate that you didn't like it. I was pretty rushed for time and put more effort into the art as that's something I'm more comfortable with, opting to keep the game simple and concise instead. Outside of the treadmill bug that sorry I hadn't seen on my previous playthroughs testing it was there anything else you could offer some feedback on?

    I'm always looking to improve on my work and every bit of feedback is helpful. The treadmill bug isn't exactly a bug, It's just that at the end, your character is no longer crouching but in a falling state. And if a cannonball happens to be above you it results in you dying. EDIT:Humor and mechanics were definitely on point otherwise.

    It's an amazing piece of work. Thank you foolishfire that explains that then! It would be pretty easy to fix too. Thanks for letting me know I was scratching my head on that one. Yeah, Foolish Fire explained the treadmill "bug". I'm not saying that I expect a Jam game to be as polished as a full release game. It just seems a bit weird that your pixelart and platforming is so well made, but instead of getting some depth into the platforming mechanics.

    Instead, it's wasted in my opinion on joke upgrades that don't change anything of substance. Especially when a lot of the upgrade jokes are any combination of useless and annoying. There are also little things like the elevator joke on the side being too far away, so you can only read the last two words, etc.

    Add to that the fact that a lot of time is wasted on the players part because you have to wait. Wait for the platforms to get into usefull positions. Wait for the treadmill to move you left. Wait for the elevator. That just destroys any of the pacing you manage to create with the tight controls. That's the reason why I'm even complaining. Thats understandable - sorry the game didn't live up to your expectations.

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    A lot of the controls in that inspired the systems in my jam game. It offers a more natural Metroidvania style progression, though the humor may not gel well with you the mechanics you describe are exactly what are offered here instead. Thanks for checking it out! Much appreciated. The full version is now released Sadly not in HTML5 I tried wrestling with that export and it would just constantly throw a bunch of weird game breaking errors at me forcing me to make a windows only version.

    We Are Real - Originally By Silver Jews

    View all games View submission. Average play time is about 10 - 15 minutes. More information. Install instructions Post jam versions are now available - they currently don't add much, they fix a few glaring bugs and make some things more obvious Easy mode has only one real difference - the big pounding machines at the beginning no longer hurt you if you walk into the side of them.

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