Me & D*ck (Its Not What You Know, Its Who You...)

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It is a certainty many readers will be blushing—this is a sexy and breezy romp between the sheets. But my belief is that ultimately the fundamental authority of the author's voice will shine through. And make no mistake; it is a fabulous book! It is funny, lively, entertaining, in-your-face, shocking and charming. In short, the only kind of book fans of Sex and the City would sink their teeth into.

What a fun book. I loved the whole concept of a wholesome school teacher by day, turned escort at night. And to top it all off she was a virginal escort to boot. Sunshyne just wants to find love and experience her first time with a guy that she loves and loves her. She doesn't want casual because that is what her night job is, casual oral sex.

Sunshyne is looking in all the wrong places because happiness could be found with one of her "clients". She is outspoken and What a fun book. She is outspoken and tells it like it is. I would have ran away too. I wish that Dick and Sunshyne had more of a relationship other than a "working" one. Overall a good book. Can't wait for the second one. Jun 29, Jen rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this book. Sunshyne is a very strong, funny, and witty woman. She definitely keeps you on your toes. I enjoyed watching her become comfortable with who she really is, makes the book very relate-able.

Perfect summer read. Can't wait to see what happens to Sunshyne next! Ashley rated it really liked it Feb 26, Patrycja rated it liked it Sep 20, Lori rated it it was ok Jun 19, Mala Girl rated it really liked it Nov 21, Mary rated it did not like it Sep 01, Scarlette rated it liked it Sep 07, D'Nai rated it it was amazing Aug 19, Aug 05, C. Joanne marked it as to-read Aug 24, Kristal marked it as to-read Aug 24, Mollie marked it as to-read Aug 24, To be more than I was.

Maybe two or three years in I was getting very serious about stand up. I had started doing some DIY touring in bars, garages, the occasional living room, basically wherever I could book a show. I had gotten better on stage but still had a long way to go still do in fact. I was at this point I started looking into getting club work — working at real comedy clubs as an emcee or a feature middle act.

I forget the way he worded it but basically he was saying I was too outside the mainstream of stand up comedy to ever get any club work. And for awhile, I believed him. I kinda gave up on the idea that I could ever work clubs. About two weeks ago, I booked not one, but two clubs for paid emcee and feature work. Go Bananas in Cincinnati and the Improv right here in Pittsburgh.

I was going to emcee for comedian Pete Lee from Feb. What a great stand-a-versary present! I assume the sarcasm is obvious. But for the uninformed, CK was on the top of the comedy awards when multiple accusations surfaced in the past few years that CK masturbated in front of several women comics over the years. He eventually confirmed the allegations and his comedy career came to an abrupt stop.

However in the past year or so, he began performing again in clubs around the country. One thing I take incredibly seriously as someone who books upwards of shows a year at my own venue and comedy festival, is not working with people who are fucking creeps. And there are a lot of them out there, lemme tell ya, at all levels of comedy. As a straight white guy who has some power in my field, I take my role as an ally seriously.

Well, fuck that. Not that really anyone besides me will care. Fill out the form below completely. The Pittsburgh Current will run your event online and, as space provides, in our print edition.


Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Phone required. Event Name. Event Date. Event Time. Event Description. Because, thank you for being an ally, for standing solid on your beliefs. Thank you, thank you, thank you,. Clearly you have no idea whats funny, cause Louis CK is hilarious… go be a suck ass offended bitch in a house fire. Oh and Louis CK.

Fun fact…. You know this guy has gotten more attention from him cancelling a show no one cared about and using the louis ck controversy to play white knight and generate attention…more than his career as a stand up…this guy is a nobody and this cancelling faux protest will be the height of his fame—not his material, ability, or anything remotely involving doing comedy…. Well done sir. We have never met but I applaud your choice and hope I would make the same choice in the same circumstances.

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In the grand scheme of your career this will just be a blip in a long line of some successes and probably a great many failures. Good luck indeed…his cancellation of a comedy show will be the most fame and attention he will ever get…. Comedians stand up for each other, support each others acts and have an unspoken rule that nothing is off limits.

Louis C.K. On His 'Louie' Hiatus: 'I Wanted The Show To Feel New Again'

Yeah C. Everyone makes mistakes, at what point do you forgive them? Let the man work and get over yourself. Hard to feel like you can really stand by that shitty apologist viewpoint when you hide behind anonymity. Over a decade ago, C. Of course, none of this matters to you, just like none of the other facts matter to you, just like the actual text of the comment above matters to you. Own up to your own bullshit.

Pamela Adlon, the TV Auteur Hiding in Plain Sight | The New Yorker

Stop being an aprincipled outrage junkie. And stop falling for posturing grandstanders like Dick Winters.

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None of that means anything to me. The words of rape and assault apologists are useless. Keep crying because harassment has consequences. The only person whose outrage is absurd here is you. Harrassment does indeed have consequences.

What I mind is not that his harrassment had consequences or even that it still does, but that crazy people like you refuse to base those consequences on his actual harrassment, just like you refuse to acknowledge any of the repentance, consequences, and changed behavior that occurred long, long before you ever got involved. All you care about is justifying rage in a quest to make him grovel and hopefully kill himself so that you can take credit for it.

As far as dying for attention, stop projecting. He will go down as one of the best most accomplished stand up comedians of all time. While louis ck will be remembered for just jerking off. Haha, that was a good one. We both know it is bullshit.

Me & D*ck (Its Not What You Know, Its Who You...)
Me & D*ck (Its Not What You Know, Its Who You...)
Me & D*ck (Its Not What You Know, Its Who You...)
Me & D*ck (Its Not What You Know, Its Who You...)
Me & D*ck (Its Not What You Know, Its Who You...)
Me & D*ck (Its Not What You Know, Its Who You...)
Me & D*ck (Its Not What You Know, Its Who You...)
Me & D*ck (Its Not What You Know, Its Who You...)
Me & D*ck (Its Not What You Know, Its Who You...)

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