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Allow Facebook friends to see your upcoming events? But the straw did not burn. He focused again, but, nothing …. The straw was not even singed, not even a puff of smoke appeared. Abashed, he backed away, returning to his friends. So, Vayu climbed into his chariot led by a thousand purple-hued steeds and headed off to meet the newcomer. Leaping down from his vehicle, stirring up a small tornado with his anger, he glared at the stranger with every one of his thousand eyes, yet was still unable to make out who it was.

For me the dawn spreads her radiant garments every morning.

I breathe life into every living being and move the clouds in the sky. I can whip hurricanes into existence and smooth the surface of a pond to glass. Tossing his head, Vayu blew with all his might, intending to blast the stranger right over the cliff along with the piece of straw.

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But, nothing…. So, Vayu beat a hasty retreat, embarrassment flushing his normally pale blue cheeks.

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So, Indra, the chieftain of the gods, the greatest of all the warriors in the heavens, wielding his dazzling weapon of lightening, hopped astride his white elephant, Airavata, and galloped off to meet the stranger. The closer he came, the brighter the light became, until he could hardly make out the source. Just within the meniscus of the glow, he glimpsed the form of a dazzling beautiful woman, golden of complexion, lustrous ebony hair streaming across her shoulders. Draped in a gem-studded sari that glittered with the light of the very stars pulsing into creation, Uma, the Goddess of the Mountains, sister to the great river Ganges, Keeper of Spiritual knowledge beheld him.

Can you tell me who he was? That was Brahman — all-pervading reality, the internal light which shines in all of us and in everything. Indra suddenly realized that the demi-gods had, pridefully, believed themselves to have vanquished the demons by their efforts alone. But they had forgotten the power of that eternal source of creation itself, and had slipped into the pitfall of their own egos. They had forgotten that divine awareness leads to a place where fire cannot burn, where wind cannot blow, where the energy of existence pulses within, around and throughout every particle of matter in existence.

Agni god of fire , Vayu god of wind and Indra who controlled light and lightening were respected first in ceremonies since they were said to be the first to have met and understood Brahman.

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Erika Burkhalter is a yogi, cat-mom, photographer, and a lover of nature and travel. She has been studying and teaching the ancient yogic texts for many years and holds an MA in Yoga Studies as well as a MS in Neuropsychology. Erika has traveled within India seven times to study yoga, to see the ancient sites, for graduate school study, and to take her yoga students on retreats to see the land where yoga originated. I hope you enjoyed these ancient teachings from India. You might also like:.

Contemplating the Nature of Experience
Luminous Worlds Luminous Worlds
Luminous Worlds Luminous Worlds
Luminous Worlds Luminous Worlds
Luminous Worlds Luminous Worlds
Luminous Worlds Luminous Worlds
Luminous Worlds Luminous Worlds
Luminous Worlds Luminous Worlds
Luminous Worlds Luminous Worlds
Luminous Worlds

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