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9 Ayurvedic Morning Rituals

I assembled my own journal from a forgotten calligraphy pen I found in the house, a pot of ink from a craft store, and a book made from textured paper and wooden covers secured by twine. I would play the game, then write about my own experiences in character.

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It made what was a simple point-and-click adventure game into a formative experience. I forget how the idea started or when, but after coding one evening it occurred to me I should write about it. I eventually picked up a notebook dedicated for code-related writing. This was not my first journal, however. When I was very small, I did have a paper journal I had bought with my meager allowance money from a clearance store. It had a little pen, a lock, and a tiny set of pressed metal keys. I tried to write in it every day, but I often had difficulty. The journal itself had dictated that decision for me; it was formatted for an entire year with a printed date and limited number of pagers set aside for each.

I no longer have this artefact, as I thrown it away with all my childhood belongings when we moved houses in high school. Nevertheless, when I started journaling again, I remembered the guilt and chose not to repeat it. After filling the first journal, I found myself buried in another formative game experience, Final Fantasy 7. I built another journal by hand using wood from a clipboard, a steno book, and a velveteen cover I sewed myself.

The cover was reminiscent of the short red jacket the character of Aeris wears. Without the cover, it would have fallen to pieces years ago.

That journal saw a growth in my writing. I became more self-examined and introspective. Writing not only my ideas about programming, but also about myself. That concoction sounds tasty, I think I will try that.

I like this type of post. I love seeing other folks morning routines.

The Science Behind the 5 Second Journal - Mel Robbins

I have been delaying my journal ambitions because yes, I feel like my writing is so pathetic. BUT, when I do go back and re-read the journal posts I have made, you can definitely tell I was shedding some weight that allowed me more energy for the day. Kudos for sharing!! Thanks Tim…. I loved this post and you!

Journaling: Journal as Ritual with Clare Whistler

You are successful and inspiring and at the same time such a real person. For sure, these are my favourite type of blog posts. Will be trying this. Thought provoking read as usual Tim! Also, as someone who spends most of his waking hours staring at a computer, it is good to have any excuse to write physically, rather than type. Definitely going to try this out. All the best. Like their real-er selves. Hi Tim. Yes, keep writing posts like this, and as you always do. Julia Cameron author of the book you mentioned saved my writing ass many years ago.

Had given up on my writing ambition. Anyway, thanks for you great work. Am 68 years old, but feel, act, and think like a year-old. Your books and posts are shots of adrenaline to the spirit. Keep it up. Top post. Thank you Tim.

Journaling and the importance of ritual |

As I follow you more and more, I am appreciative of your personal insights because it gives me a better understanding of how you think and view life. Your ten questions podcast and these type posts, all help me better understand and interpret what you provide. Inspirational and educational. The longest time I spent journaling was using the online application called Words. They send you an email reminder each morning and allow you to save your ramblings to Evernote. Therapeutic is definitely the right word for this practice.

5 Ways to Actually Stick to a Morning Ritual

Do you only do one page or are you only showing one page? I have attempted to make morning pages a habit for years. I am committed to making it stick this year, but sometimes the time requirement for 3 pages is a bit much in my morning routine pickup house, eat, walk dog, exercise…. I have been bitching and moaning in morning pages since I would love to hear more about your journey with your morning pages!

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We just released the book of my friend Valerios journal includes his blog post, Facebook messages, sms and personal journals of the world record breaking journey. Thanks for sharing, Tim! Morning journaling has proven to be super freeing for me and helps me to start my day with a clear head. Great post! I was just thinking of all the pages I have written down in journals… would they help others??

You never know. Most probably yes! I usually journal at the end of the day though… unless I had an awesome dream before getting up!! Meditation, morning pages, 30 g of protein. What do I do first!?

But I Hate Birthdays!

Any recommendations? But, for instance: assuming no need for serious fat loss at the moment, can the protein wait until the 2nd hour?

Getting started with a journaling ritual

I think you have to push yourself to really dig deep. Great read. I always noticed several things when I kept my daily journal up to date. First, as you succinctly pointed out, it is indeed like spiritual windshield wipers clears the focus even after a rough night. I also noticed that when keeping up with it my handwriting which is quite good always got better as well I believe due to the calming and intimate nature of the subject deeper concentration. One other point which I found interesting though is that when I was remiss in not writing it was like one feels when they did not floss their teeth in the morning — like one personally cut corners and it always seems to lay a guilt complex on me until I rectify it later in the day.

Then everything seems better. I guess it is more or less a personal discipline than anything else. I too blast off 10 minutes of mind babble in the mornings. On a really stressful day, I just wrote the f-word down for the first 3 minutes. Do you think you could have the same benefits typing a morning journal on a computer instead of writing by hand? Also, any instructions on your tea. Looks amazing! I stopped doing morning pages years ago for no good reason but they were a cool way to dump mental clutter.

They start up upon waking and run feral and psychotic until I do something useful to calm them…or not as the case may be.

Journaling As Ritual Journaling As Ritual
Journaling As Ritual Journaling As Ritual
Journaling As Ritual Journaling As Ritual
Journaling As Ritual Journaling As Ritual
Journaling As Ritual Journaling As Ritual
Journaling As Ritual Journaling As Ritual

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