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Edited by David Marsland. First published in , this book examines the nature of the problems involved with the treatment of youth. It explores the psychology of adolescence and its bearing on schooling; the effects of peer groups and youth culture; the implications for curriculum and method; the need to get relevance…. By Ivor Morrish. First published in , this book aims to provide an introduction to the teacher, or teacher in training, to society and its relationship to education.

Although very much a product of its time rather than an instructive text for teachers in the 21st century, this work will be of interest to those…. The research looks at children from nursery through to junior school and asks why some children had higher attainments and made more progress than others.

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This is achieved through a case study of a progressive child centred school. The book suggests that a liberal approach to education fails to appreciate how thoroughly a complex,…. By Various. This collection of books from some of the leading scholars in the field provides a comprehensive overview of….

By Philip Robinson. First published in , this book provides a basic introduction to the sociology of education. It brings together many of the principal arguments in order to help the student reach an understanding of the multitude of conflicting opinions, theoretical positions and biases within the field. Routledge Library Editions: Sociology of Education This set of 62 volumes, originally published between and , amalgamates a wide breadth on the sociology of education, with a particular focus on culture, class and curriculum theory. School Organisation and Pupil Involvement A study of secondary schools, 1st Edition By Ronald King First published in , this book is based on research carried about by Ronald King on integral parts of school organisation, including the assembly, uniform, rewards and punishments, games and out-of-school activities, curriculum, prefectorial system and school councils, in a sample of… Paperback — Routledge Routledge Library Editions: Sociology of Education.

First published in , this work is based on a one-year project carried out by the author which involved observation of pupils in lessons and… Paperback — Routledge Routledge Library Editions: Sociology of Education. Mini-set K: Philosophy of Education re-issues 34 volumes originally published between and The books in this mini-set discuss:. A is for Aesthetic Peter Abbs 2. Living Powers Edited by Peter Abbs 3. Happiness Robin Barrow.

Moral Philosophy for Education Robin Barrow. Plato and Education Robin Barrow. Radical Education Robin Barrow 8. The Rationality of Feeling David Best. Freedom and Choice in Education James Breese. Educating the Virtues David Carr Many dyslexic children are well above the average in intelligence yet their disability makes progress at school extra hard and reading is often such an effort that they are deprived of the enjoyment from books. The author describes the difficulties of these children and records some of his own….

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By Fred Clarke. Its aim was to understand the nature of the vital conflict between the Christian faith and the secular tendencies of the early twentieth century, particularly in relation to education…. Edited by Edmund J King. Developments and trends in Communist education are traced in this authoritative survey by specialists.

Eight chapters deal with particular aspects: ideology, psychology, the selective process, the roles of teachers and parents, polytechnical education, the universities and professional institutes. By Patricia Broadfoot.

1. Problems in Delineating the Field

The s saw a growing worldwide pre-occupation with school assessment; Britain witnessed lengthy debate in response to the proposals for examination reform initiated by the Schools Council, and the setting up of an Assessment of Performance Unit to monitor standards of achievement. This book…. By Jean Rudduck.

This volume of topical working papers makes available to teachers and to others information intended to stimulate discussion so that all educators may bring their judgement and experience to bear on the concerns of the School Council and contribute to its work. The papers describe plans for…. The authors contend that few issues in education can be examined in isolation from the world outside.

This must surely apply to the question of cultural, social and…. By Phillip Gammage. The book provides a synthesis of a broadly-based social-psychology of education and bridges the gap between theory and practice in education by emphasising the relationship between research and actuality. The author discusses the major issues in childhood socialisation relating to schooling,….

Edited by Robert G Burgess. This book presents a series of research biographies based on research experiences in the study of educational settings. The main aim is to provide a set of first person accounts on doing research that combine analysis with description.

The contributors have been drawn from the disciplines of…. By Mary Sturt. Some technical subjects such as Physical Education have been omitted but nonetheless the volume provides a thorough if somewhat dated …. By Denis Lawton. It is often argued that education is concerned with the transmission of middle-class values and that this explains the relative educational failure of the working class. Consequently, distinctive culture needs a different kind of education. This volume examines this claim and the wider question of…. Edited by Michael Barber , Duncan Graham. Originally written after four years of the National Curriculum, at a time when adjustments and radical changes were being implemented, this book analyses from various points of view what is wrong with the National Curriculum and presents a series of options for putting it right.

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This volume brings together eight case studies which describe a variety of initiatives to create more effective schools for children of poverty, especially in the Third World. The initiatives reviewed published and unpublished documents and both qualitative and statistical studies were examined. Edited by Michael Raggett , Malcolm Clarkson. The Brighton Conference in was devoted to an examination of some of the problems arising from the re-organisation of teacher education in a period of economic stringency and widespread cuts in education.

The book is divided into four sections. The first considers the structural changes…. By Sally Tomlinson. At the time of original publication, special education in Britain was permeated by an ideology of benevolent humanitarianism and this is ostensibly the moral framework within which the professionals — teachers, educational psychologists, medical officers — operate. The author widens the debate…. By Kevin Ward , Richard Taylor. This book has two purposes: first to argue that there is a greater need now than ever before for liberal adult education for the working class.

Such provision would both help to ameliorate the gross inequalities of our society and provide some counter-balance to the increasingly utilitarian and…. Edited by Philip Altbach. This encyclopedia is the result of a highly selective enterprise that provides a careful selection of key topics in essays written by top scholars in their fields. Comprehensive and in-depth coverage of a limited number of countries, regions and themes is provided. The essays not only feature….

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Edited by Bill Cope , Mary Kalantzis. Literacy remains a contentious and polarized educational, media and political issue.

What has emerged from the continuing debate is a recognition that literacy in education is allied closely with matters of language and culture, ideology and discourse, knowledge and power. Drawing perspectives…. Edited by Gordon Roderick , Michael Stephens. The rapid expansion of higher education provision, particularly in Europe and North America during the s opened up for the first time the question whether everyone should have the opportunity to experience the benefits of higher university and other institutions.

The contributors are economists…. Edited by Malcolm Tight. The nature of adult education at individual, group and community levels is the concern of this book. Definitions and patterns of adult learning are critically assessed in both this country and abroad, and the processes involved considered in detail. Both case studies and thematic articles have been….

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By Robin Usher , Ian Bryant. The authors argue that the aim of research should be to improve practice through a process of critical reflection. Focusing clearly on the everyday concerns and problems of practitioners, they emphasize the importance of practical knowledge.

Essays on Political Education (Routledge Library Editions: Education) Essays on Political Education (Routledge Library Editions: Education)
Essays on Political Education (Routledge Library Editions: Education) Essays on Political Education (Routledge Library Editions: Education)
Essays on Political Education (Routledge Library Editions: Education) Essays on Political Education (Routledge Library Editions: Education)
Essays on Political Education (Routledge Library Editions: Education) Essays on Political Education (Routledge Library Editions: Education)
Essays on Political Education (Routledge Library Editions: Education) Essays on Political Education (Routledge Library Editions: Education)

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