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The perils of idealism

There are many grammatical errors in the initial chapters, please ignore my mistakes, it's about the story. His face bore a surprised expression. She swallowed hard and continued courageously. It was really hard to give herself away, so easily but she had no choice. Taking in a deep breath, she lifted her eyes to look at him.

Did he love her? From the moment he set his eyes on her, he had loved her. She had stolen his heart away that even right now, he wanted to kneel and beg her to stay with him. If he wanted her to stop feeling guilty, he would not tell her. She should hate him so she would be happy with the one she loved. This is a story of two couples and the hurdles they meet in their journey of love and how fate tries to bring them back together. I hope you like it. Please follow for my next novel. Lawson, you can marry my daughter Marga but Sabrina is an exception.

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And I choose Sabrina. I won't marry anyone but Sabrina. Ferdinand frowned and was curious. She's an introvert and hated getting along with rich people who always talk about senseless stuff. She is bullied by socialite but never they knew that behind that innocent-looking woman hides a strong and powerful aura. Being muted is making her more dangerous. And that danger would lead all of her enemies to one place but the dungeon where she tormented them all. She is muted not until he came and chose her to be his wife.

Gabriel Lawson - a rich powerful tycoon with a strong background. He fell in love with the woman he had a one night stand with and chose her to be his wife.

Betrayal of Love and Freedom by Paul Huljich -

He would do anything for her. And for those people who hurt her--they must pay a thousand folds. Mo Wuji only has mortal roots, but will he only remain as a mortal? Feel your hearts pound as he goes through exciting adventures and encounters. Cry as tragedies befall him. Smile as he crushes his enemies and forges his own path.

Where will his cultivation ultimately lead him? One day, he found a strange piece of debris, and it allowed him to walk the path of becoming a Berserker. But would it be enough for Su Ming to become just another Berserker to protect those he cares about?

Would he be satisfied with leaving everything in fate's hands? But I love you" He said to her. They were all backstabbing bastards and womanizers. She also found it difficult to believe that anyone was actually going to love her for who she truly was Well, until Muchen came into the picture. He got attracted to her the very first time he saw her two years ago.

It was the first time he saw a girl looking like a gangster. She had even beat up his cousin's bodyguards in front of him. And for the first time also, he allowed someone bully his dear cousin. After cunningly have her work for him two years later, she pretended like it was their first meeting since she didn't want her employer to see her as troublesome.

These are the 7 values that are important safeguards for your relationship.

The more he knew her, the more he got curious about her. But Sara didn't want anyone to ever find out about her past. Especially Mr Li. I think I know you like me and I'm kind of flattered that you do.

But I I don't like you that way" Sara tried to convince Li Muchen and herself. She had to put a boundary between them now before things become more complicated. He looked at her with an unreadable expression and took a step closer to her. You do like me that way" He said in a low voice.

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Mister Li. You are my employer" She tried to focus as she couldn't stand his gaze. Which makes you like a brother to me" Muchen moved even closer to her and smiled. It was soft, it was gentle. Sara's breath stopped. So did Muchen's. He had not actually intended to do that. Sara's stomach tightened. Her heart raced. She really couldn't process what was going on right now. He pulled away slightly to gauge her reaction. Her eyes were wide open but her focus was on his face. He smiled at her and was gradually lifting his head when he felt her soft hands which had been by her side, around his neck.

He was startled when he felt her pull him back towards her. This time, She initiated the kiss. Me: Probably a sisterly kiss.. No rape or too many unclear misunderstanding. It is simple and straight to the point This is my original novel. And I hope you support. At the age of sixteen, her mother died in a car accident; some claims that her mother suicide and some claims that it was only a natural accident.

Finally, at the age of twenty-two, she was wedded on that day and at the same time, she was killed by her so-called best friend and her lover. They have betrayed her, all the years that they have spent together were crushed on that day. She thought that it was all genuine but it was, in fact, all fake.

She died with so much hatred in her heart that the heavens granted her a second chance. A chance to change all the wrongs that she did, to avoid the flags that will bring her down. Did the heavens pity her for being naive? But that does not matter now. The heavens gave her this second chance and she won't waste it to the likes of her fake best friend and that so-called lover of hers.

The heavens allowed her to wake up at the age of sixteen where things are not that disastrous. This time in her second life, she make those who hurt her and her family down without any hesitation. He does not care for his image, willing to take all steps necessary to ensure his plans succeed! Watch Ling Tian, martial arts genius, who crossed from the modern world to the ancient times, bringing with him all his memories from his past self! A person with high comprehension talent, blessed with the gift of eloquence as well as a burning desire to be the best!

Watch as he plays with the politics of the court and of the Great Families, and how he finds his allies which will help him to conquer this world!

BETRAYAL of love and freedom BETRAYAL of love and freedom
BETRAYAL of love and freedom BETRAYAL of love and freedom
BETRAYAL of love and freedom BETRAYAL of love and freedom
BETRAYAL of love and freedom BETRAYAL of love and freedom
BETRAYAL of love and freedom BETRAYAL of love and freedom
BETRAYAL of love and freedom BETRAYAL of love and freedom
BETRAYAL of love and freedom BETRAYAL of love and freedom

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