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We begin with Tami Woodley coming to in the wrecked remains of her sailing boat somewhere a long way from land. There is initially no sign of her boyfriend Richard Sharp Sam Claflin. Having located the badly injured Richard, she sets to her sextant and plots a course for distant Hawaii. Only bits of the mast and sail remain.

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There is one grimly inevitable reconstruction of The Raft of the Medusa, but the main strand is mostly concerned with worrying, fishing and gazing at the horizon. What really sustains interest, however, is the promise of an eventual sight of land.

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Extreme survival movies have to be very bad indeed if they fail to trigger emotion when the first seagull lands or the first twig bumps against the bow. One thing though. Answers on a postcard. Review: Ceaseless adulation grates — but it is still a fascinating study of a remarkable life.


Adrift: Damp survival epic based on a spoiler alert true story Review: A new film genre seems to have grown up: the extreme survival movie Donald Clarke. Wed, Jun 27, , First published: Wed, Jun 27, , More from The Irish Times Film. Sponsored Want to help combat climate change? Start by planting a tree.

Review: Adrift, in more ways than one

Electric vehicles are gathering pace. At that point, Ashcraft had to make any repairs she could and attempt to sail the boat to land.

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She pumped water out of the cabin, rigged up a sail using an extra jib, and began navigating manually, using only a sextant and a watch. Determining that San Diego was too far away, she aimed for Hawaii — still a journey of 1, miles. She completed the trip in 41 days, and survived by eating canned food and peanut butter.

It wasn't as intense as when I got to shore and the survival was over, and I could see people together and everything kept reminding me of him.

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Obviously, the movie version of Sharp survives well past the arrival of the hurricane, but only sort of. In Red Sky in Mourning , her memoir about the ordeal, Ashcraft says that she felt as though some sort of voice was guiding her. While she described this voice in as her own "inner spirit," the movie interprets the voice as Richard, and ultimately reveals that he was swept off the boat during the hurricane. What Tami "sees" after the wreck is just a manifestation of his spirit, and all the tasks she completes to reach Hawaii are things that she achieves by herself.

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  5. Whether this trick is successful or not is up to the viewer, but for her part, the real Ashcraft seems to be fine with it. In an interview with Cosmopolitan.

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    Despite having undergone a horrific ordeal on the open ocean, Ashcraft still sails today. I kind of parallel [the hurricane] to being in a car accident. You get back in the car or, like they say, back on the horse. Follow Eliza on Twitter.

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