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Strive for Excellence, Not Perfection 7. Failure is only a Comma, Not a Full Stop 8. Praise Publicly and Punish Privately Listen to All and Take Your Call Walk Your Talk Deal With People Differently Twenty-one principles can help CEOs to achieve success and promote organizational excellence.

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Communicate Clearly: CEOs must articulate their vision effectively. Some CEOs start with the assumption that other people think the same way they do. The higher up the ladder you are, the more likely you must reach out to people who don't understand what you are doing or why are doing it. Hence, there is an urgent need for CEOs to share their important information with all stakeholders to avoid ambiguity and to inspire others to accomplish their vision.

Steve Jobs is an ideal example of a leader who communicated his vision clearly with others. He created visual images and used them to connect with his people effectively.

Build Trust : Trust in business has been on a steep decline since the beginning of the Great Recession and before. Carry all Stakeholders with You: Carrying all stakeholders, especially shareholders, board members, and customers, is a major challenge for CEOs because expectations are higher than ever. It is essential to make all stakeholders winners, although it is tough to satisfy them.

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John Mackey, the cofounder and co-CEO of Whole Foods remarked, "At Whole Foods, whenever we make a decision, we want it to work for all stakeholders-employees, customers, investors, suppliers, the community, the environment. Emphasize Organizational Culture: Culture connects employees to create an emotional bonding to improve organizational bottom lines.

For instance, A. Strategy and culture are two eyes of an organization, with strategy as the guiding path and culture as the driving path.

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Balancing and blending both enhances CEO effectiveness. He emphasized human resources to keep his company profitable for 30 consecutive years. In the airline industry, the competition is cut-throat; companies struggle to keep their profitability continuously for five years, but Kelleher demonstrated his leadership abilities and won accolades internationally. He proved his critics wrong, and gave sleepless nights to his competitors, and finally made Southwest an inspiring story in the corporate world in America.

21 Success Sutras for CEOs – Leadership Lessons from Carly Fiorina and Carlos Ghosn

The company has become a role model for other companies because of its ability to sustain profitability by keeping people before profit. Be Adaptable: The Dean of leadership studies, the late Warren Bennis remarked that adaptability is the key factor for leadership effectiveness and success.

Adaptability is the key to CEOs' success in the current global business environment. Take Feedback: Treat feedback as a boon, not as a bane. Feedback is a gift for CEOs from all sources to improve and perform better as per the expectations of others. Hence, accept it gracefully to understand your limitations and appreciate your strengths to grow as a great CEO. Encourage Innovation: Steve Jobs kept Apple healthy and strong by keeping competitors at bay through his innovative and inspiring leadership. When the technological world got into the so-called PC wars, Jobs took the path less traveled and became a trailblazer and a legend.

He started as a small fish in a big pond and ultimately became a major source of innovation and excellence. He rewrote the rules of business and changed the way technology worked.

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  • He made a big difference to the lives of people through his technological contribution. See the Big Picture: CEOs must see impending challenges from multiple perspectives, requiring considerable business acumen.

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    They must be able to forecast the future demands of the customers and clients. They could see what could not be seen by others. The competition is cut-throat.

    21 Success Sutras for Leaders 21 Success Sutras for Leaders
    21 Success Sutras for Leaders 21 Success Sutras for Leaders
    21 Success Sutras for Leaders 21 Success Sutras for Leaders
    21 Success Sutras for Leaders 21 Success Sutras for Leaders
    21 Success Sutras for Leaders 21 Success Sutras for Leaders
    21 Success Sutras for Leaders 21 Success Sutras for Leaders
    21 Success Sutras for Leaders 21 Success Sutras for Leaders
    21 Success Sutras for Leaders 21 Success Sutras for Leaders
    21 Success Sutras for Leaders

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